To implement the solution, you will need one of the devices which supported CAN-buses like MT-24, MT-25 or any device from the MT X CAN series and bucket position sensor. The devices have difference in additional functions, for example, the MT-25 device has voice support, and in the devices of the MT X CAN series a CAN-bus scanner is implemented to conveniently search for the necessary parameters for monitoring. When you have decided on the device, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the bucket position sensor to the GNSS Tracker;
  2. Connect the special machinery CAN-bus to the GNSS Tracker;
  3. Connect power from the on-board network to the GNSS Tracker;
  4. Configure the device and the cloud monitoring service (WIALON or any other, including your own);
  5. Now you will know how long the equipment worked and how much it was idle (comparing the data how many hours the equipment worked with the bucket raised and how much with the bucket lowered in load mode), timely receive information about the improper use of the equipment (for example, working with the bucket lowered and the load outside the allocated work zones).