To implement the solution, you will need any of the devices with digital output and multifunctional input and the radio complect RK-2.4 (RF tag reader, RF tags, wireless locking relay). The devices have difference in additional functions, for example, the MT-25 device has voice support, and in the devices of the MT X CAN series a CAN-bus scanner is implemented to conveniently search for the necessary parameters for monitoring. When you have decided on the device, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the RF tag reader to GNSS Tracker;
  2. Place RF tags at the places intended for unloading (for example, an unloading terminal, a truck for transporting grain);
  3. Connect the wireless locking relay to the GNSS Tracker and break the control circuit of the mechanism which is needed for unload activation (for example, unloading pipe, transporter belt, truck side lock, hydraulic drive, etc.);
  4. Configure a script in the device settings that blocks the unloading mechanism until it detects the presence of a registered RF tag in the receiving radius;
  5. Connect power from the on-board network to the GNSS Tracker;
  6. Configure the device and the cloud monitoring service (WIALON or any other, including your own);
  7. Now you can automatically block unregulated unloading of equipment at the physical level (theft of raw materials). In case of urgent need, it is possible to reconfigure the system and manually allow unloading at a point not equipped with RF tags (for example, if you urgently need to unload in a non-tagged contractor machine).