To implement the solution, you will need any of the devices with RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The devices have difference in additional functions, for example, the MT-25 device has voice support, and in the devices of the MT X CAN series a CAN-bus scanner is implemented to conveniently search for the necessary parameters for monitoring. When you have decided on the device, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the FLS (fuel level sensor) to GNSS Tracker through the RS-232/RS-485 interface (via LLS protocol);
  2. Perform the FLS calibration in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
  3. Connect power from the on-board network to the GNSS Tracker;
  4. Configure the device and the cloud monitoring service (WIALON or any other, including your own);
  5. Now you can receive and process more accurate fuel level data on a cloud server than can be obtained from the CAN bus, keep more accurate statistics on fuel consumption and derive patterns, respond in time to cases of fuel theft.