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The Vega RK-2.4 pack consists of two RF tags, a wireless locking relay, and a reader that can communicate with tags and relays over the air. The reader can be used both with tags without relays and with relays without tags, depending on the specific task. Scope of delivery also varies freely.
As much as possible you can enter data on three tags and five locking relays into one reader.
The pack is intended for use in conjunction with a GNSS Tracker that controls the locking relay, using the reader as an intermediary.

Vega RK-2.4Vega RK-2.4Vega RK-2.4Vega RK-2.4


  • Scope of delivery varies on request
  • Support for up to five locking relays
  • Support for up to three RF tags
  • Compatible with all GNSS Trackers having an open collector type output and a digital input
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