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Vega M Configurator is an application for connecting to GNSS Beacons of the Vega M series and making individual settings. In addition, the application allows you to update firmware on the device.

The Vega M100 Configurator is designed to work with Vega M50, Vega M100, Vega M110 and Vega M410 devices.
Vega M200 Configurator, in turn, is designed for Vega M200, Vega M210, Vega M300 and Vega M310 devices.

Vega M ConfiguratorVega M ConfiguratorVega M Configurator


  • Connection to GNSS Beacons via USB (COM-port)
  • Individual configuration of GNSS Beacons
  • Firmware updating on the device
  • Aplication completely free